Project Updates

Hello you all. I’m here to share two updates.

The first one is that some people requested a single-file edition of the game. So I created a new file called DistopiaRPG.pdf that’s already available for download that’s a single book containing all the content from the other books: CORE BOOK + GAEA’S MANUAL + STARTER BOOK + TEMPLATES BOOK + CHARACTER SHEET.

The second update is that from now on, DistopiaRPG will be free and accept donations only. I invested a lot of time and money in this project, but my goal was to make it available for everyone, so I set a little price, but I realized that there’s still a lot of people who can’t pay that price. So I decided to make it free and accept donations. If you download, play the game and like it and if you have conditions to donate, it will be awesome. If not, I hope that your situation gets better and that the game can bring some joy and happiness for you in the meantime.

Stay safe everyone.


DistopiaRPG.pdf 4 MB
Mar 22, 2021

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